3 Design Essentials for Your Workplace

This week the CBS team is feeling full of the joys of spring! The evenings are getting lighter, the sun has been shining, trees are in blossom and we can finally (hopefully!) say goodbye to winter.

What better time for a spring-clean, a fresh start, or a workplace refit? March and April are busy at CBS, with new enquiries about office interior design; with the end of the financial year it’s a prime time to put plans in place for the next year.

If you’re thinking about a spring makeover for your workspace, what design trends are we seeing in office interiors that can help you transform your space? Here are three that will ensure your workplace is a motivating, productive and happy place to be in.

1. Employee Centred Design

Workspace design used to be focused on reflecting the brand image to impress clients and visitors, not on creating an employee-centric environment. Often the client-facing areas were heavily invested in, whereas anywhere out of sight was purely functional.

Increasingly employers have come to realise that this approach is self-defeating. It doesn’t demonstrate that the employer values their workers, and it results in workplaces that don’t motivate the team or reflect company culture. In some cases, it can actually be detrimental to productivity and motivation levels.

At CBS we’re all about creating workplaces that employees WANT to come to. Using office design to create a space that results in productive, motivated, creative and engaged employees; and most of all HAPPY employees.

We spend far too much time at work to spend it feeling miserable. As such, workplace design is becoming more employee-centric, by combining wellbeing, culture and productivity elements to create spaces people enjoy working in.

We’re designing more breakout areas and teapoints to create more sociable workplaces. We’re also designing healthier spaces that give employees the chance to get out of their seats and move around as part of their job. Standing desks, hotdesks, informal meeting areas, and creative areas for brainstorming and innovation all help to energise the work environment; resulting in more creativity, productivity and higher levels of wellbeing.

2. Flexible Design

As well as designing more flexible spaces so that employees can vary the way they work and collaborate, we’re also seeing more flexible and scalable design for different business needs.

Having a space that is used solely as a boardroom is becoming less common, with many employers preferring the option of multi-functional spaces which enable them to have the option of both a smaller meeting rooms when needed, without compromising on the corporate image or brand.

We’ve designed a variety of spaces for clients that provide them with more flexible options. For example, small meeting rooms with retractable walls so they can be scaled for different events or requirements.

3. Integrated Technology

Technology is driving the transformation of our workspaces; without it we would still all be tethered to our desks rather than being able to work anywhere with access to WiFi.

All areas of the office need to be optimised for digital working, ensuring that employees can get the most out of more flexible office design. Wireless charging points are becoming ubiquitous across the workplace, ensuring that employees and visitors can access their devices and data wherever they are.

Office furniture design has evolved to include technology solutions such as charging pads built into desks, and integrated technology in reception areas, meeting rooms and communal areas.

Technology can also make the workplace more fun to be in. We love how you can send your drinks order to a TopBrewer coffee machine from your phone or tablet, ensuring that employees who are fuelled by coffee have it on tap!

Investing in employee-centric workplace design sends a clear message that you value your team and want to create the best possible environment for them to work in. The great thing is that your ROI can be measured in a more motivated, productive and engaged workforce that comes into work with a spring (!) in their step.

Speak to our design team if you would like to explore any of these aspects in more detail. Call 01344 290290 or email enquiries@cbs-plc.co.uk.


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