Acoustics – The Art of Noise

Open plan offices are great for facilitating collaboration between employees, but with the benefits can come issues with acoustics.  Noise comes in different forms and effects people differently.  In today’s modern offices, it is more typical to work in an open-plan space rather than individual offices and so it is important to overcome these issues and ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff is maintained.

An ongoing challenge for our Design and Space Planning teams is incorporating preventative measures whilst creating attractive surroundings that are comfortable and enjoyable for us to work in.

Recent examples of our work include the use of ceiling ‘islands’ as shown here in a project we carried out for at IT client’s Training Academy.

And here we used snowflakes to assist with the acoustics in this large space and also to separate the two areas.

At another client site, these booths are perfect for creating privacy within an open plan office.

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