Breakout Areas – Promoting physical and mental wellbeing

We take pride in creating positive working environments for our clients. The physical and mental health and wellbeing of their employees is paramount to a successful project and is at the forefront of our minds when we are at the earliest planning stage.

We design breakout and social areas to become the hub of the office. They are spaces where ad-hoc meetings and social interaction are actively encouraged leading to organic idea generation.

Providing appropriate flexible, social areas for staff to relax away from their desks is incredibly important in aiding mental health and wellbeing. These spaces allow staff to connect with colleagues and form social relationships with colleagues which in turn creates a far more positive impression for their working day.

We feel every business can create a better working environment by giving their staff a break out space they can be proud of. Here’s a couple of examples where we have done just that:

If you want to discuss how our design team can help turn your office into a buzzing hub of interaction and positivity please call 01344 290290 or email

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