Egg-cellent Office Interior Ideas!

We have a seasonal blog post for you, as you may be able to tell from the title! Yes, Easter is coming up and we’re all looking forward to large amounts of chocolate Easter eggs as well as egg hunts and egg rolling.

Eggs are actually really inspirational. They’re beautifully designed for their function, a perfect oval that varies between different bird species depending on where they lay their eggs, which ensures they can’t easily roll out of a nest. It’s no wonder that designers take inspiration from the humble egg and design structures and furniture based on the ovoid.

Egg-Shaped Office Furniture

In office interior design we have seen a trend for some time in creating multifunctional spaces that allow employees to work collaboratively; to work quietly without distractions and to work in a highly energised environment. These areas also need to offer some privacy for meetings, confidential telephone calls, and similar scenarios. The ovoid shape is ideally suited to create areas within in the office for privacy or quiet work, especially in open-plan workplaces.

We’ve been exploring a few of the egg-shaped furniture ideas that can be located in otherwise busy office environments, allowing your employees to retreat into their shell if they need to focus on getting a job done:

Egg-Shaped Pods: Google’s Zurich offices boast these egg-shaped pods that are perfect for meetings and interviews, or just for working in a distraction-free environment. They can be positioned to create anoasis of calm within a busy office, or installed in reception areas or foyers to maximise the available space to work

Computer Workstations: Designer Won Shik Yu has called this computer station design the ‘flower bud’, but it has decidedly egg-shaped qualities. The seat and desk  can be positioned in a number of ways to give the user privacy, and when not in use it can be closed completely to form a compact shell. This particular workstation can also be moved around the office, and therefore offers increased flexibility

Pod Office Chairs: We first saw these egg-shaped chairs in the sixties and they haven’t dated at all. As many employees no longer want a desk with a desktop computer, these are ideal for those people using tablets, mobiles and lap tops that need somewhere to sit. They can also be used as statement pieces of furniture around the workplace, introducing a strong element of design into the office.

Easter Ideas

While the ideas above are not just for Easter, we know that many office managers would like to introduce a temporary Easter theme at this time of year. Acknowledging seasonal events throughout the year is a good way of engaging with employees and creating an environment they want to work in. Our failsafe method of injecting some seasonal fun into the workplace is to use wall and window decals on surfaces around the office. This might be on a feature wall that you update depending on the time of year, on the front of your reception desk, or doors and windows around the space.

If you have any creative Easter ideas for your office that you would like to share with us, why not post a photo on our Facebook page

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