Are You Sitting Comfortably?

As technology evolves and is ever present in our work life, it is vital that our modern office furniture can accommodate our bodies’ new postures and movements. Anyone who has sat in in an uncomfortable office chair will know just how distracting and disruptive it can be. Correct sitting posture in the office is essential as bad posture can cause pain and poor concentration that affects our productivity, creativity and work.

The subject of ergonomics has been well-covered over many years but the underlying issues are very straight forward.  Our bodies tell us when we are uncomfortable and generally the remedy is very simple, involving the introduction of some form of movement. Thus, ergonomic office chairs are a good solution for lower back pain as well as correct sitting posture in office. When it comes to seating, comfort is very much a matter of individual taste; however there are some basic principles:

Flexibility is paramount when specifying seating since the human body comes in all shapes and sizes.  In the modern workplace environment, where hot-desking and job-sharing are increasingly common, people may well have to share their chair with others.  Being able to adjust seating easily for different body shapes and heights is therefore essential.  Different applications require different solutions – be sure to get advice on what works best in a given situation to achieve maximum comfort.

Freedom of movement is also important.  Our bodies are made for movement and recent research shows that sitting still for long periods can actually be harmful to our health.  The ability to move while we sit is vital to assist circulation throughout the body.  When we sit at work we position ourselves working at a computer, concentrating on a task and we move our hands, arms and head much more than our legs. Sitting for long periods, with limited movement causes fatigue and discomfort which will ultimately cause you to be less productive. Therefore, a good chair should move with you as you work, providing constant support.

Good posture is important to prevent health issues such as back pain – a major cause of absence from work.  All too often office chairs are wrongly adjusted for the user, perhaps the chair has several users or has been inherited from someone else.  There are a few simple tips to follow when setting up your chair which will make the world of difference to your posture and your comfort.

Simplicity is the key.  Many people find it confusing when it comes to finding a good office chair – too many chairs are overcomplicated by unnecessary features, which can make them difficult to use.  Costly mistakes can be avoided by making sure you “try before you buy!”

So always insist on a demonstration when your new chair arrives.  At CBS Office Interiors we regard this as essential, so if you don’t, we will!

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