What We Liked At Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

May is always a highlight in our year as that means a chance to be inspired, meet designers and suppliers, and generally come back buzzing with ideas from Clerkenwell Design Week.

This year was no exception as our designers, Lucy and Charlie, hit EC1A to bring back inspiration, make new contacts, and source suppliers for the benefit of our clients.

Why Clerkenwell?

For those of you who haven’t visited Clerkenwell Design Week before, it’s really the hub of all things in interior design. There are more architects and designers in Clerkenwell per square mile than anywhere else on the planet! Making it the perfect venue to showcase what’s happening in the design world, and a home-from-home for our design team. In fact, we did worry that Lucy and Charlie wouldn’t want to come back to the office after hanging out in super cool Clerkenwell!

Fortunately, they did return and brought with them lots of ideas. Here are their highlights from the exhibitions:

Top Trends At Clerkenwell Design Week

‘Domestic in the office environment’ was evident across many of the exhibitions this year. Lots of timber softens an interior space, and really bridges the gap between the archetypal city office interior and the domestic environment.

There was also very much a crossover between fashion and interiors. Tweed, houndstooth and tartan fabrics are not only current in the fashion industry but also in interiors too, creating another key trend across the shows – texture. Tactile weaves are being used flooring and wall coverings as well as in furniture design.

Metallics are also current in the fashion industry and we’re seeing how these elements are quickly being picked up in interior design. Copper has been around for sometime in interiors so it was interesting to see how bronze and brass is now also coming into play.

While timber and metallic elements created interesting juxtapositions between warmth and cold, colour continues to be major feature of design today. This year we’re seeing lots and lots of blue, as Charlie says’ blue, blue, blue, including rich royal blues or cobalt blue! Gorgeous!’


Stand Out Pieces From Clerkenwell Design Week

We asked our designers for their stand out pieces from this year. What made them stop in their tracks and how might this piece influence their work for clients in the future?

Lucy: Frovi – Huddle Rustic Shed

The booth product has been around for a good few years now, with various suppliers offering their own take on the collaborative, open plan meeting space. The Frovi – Huddle Rustic Shed was a great take on the practical product, combining the concept with humour. . It’s time to be more playful and creative in office design, providing spaces that people want to work in and that facilitate collaboration and creativity. I can already think of a number of clients who would welcome this cheeky soft seating into their office.

Charlie: Interface – World Woven

The retro style of Interface’s new range ‘World Woven’ looks amazing next to modern office furniture and fit out. These designs pay homage to centuries-old traditional textiles, add texture and a handcrafted feel to the office space, but look extremely contemporary with a variety of colours and designs. Across the range of nine styles there are some great solutions for our clients and opportunities to incorporate them into our creative office space designs

Have a look at our Facebook album for more photos from Clerkenwell Design Week, and tell us what you think of the designs featured.

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