5 Reasons To Install a Feature Wall in Your Office

Visually stunning office feature walls are a simple way for companies to inject personality into their office space. 

Introducing a feature or accent wall to your workspace is an effective and easy way to give your office a facelift.  By using photographic images, company logos or slogans, you can create a unique backdrop that can be humorous, informative, evocative, inspirational and even motivational!  These wall graphics can create focal points, reflect a company’s origins – geographical or cultural, or feature logos and colour schemes to reinforce their corporate branding.

feature office wall by cbs office interiors in ascot berkshire



This quintessentially Italian image is perfect for our client Sacla’s reception area – it’s a subtle reflection of their corporate branding and highlights Sacla’s pride in their cultural heritage.  It’s a great first impression.  Bellisimo!


So what are the 5 reasons to install a feature wall?

1. Enhance plain surfaces – Let’s face it, sitting staring a bare white wall can be a bit dull and uninspiring.  Use a bold graphic to stimulate interaction and innovation in your workspace, especially in training or collaborative areas.

2. Enrich breakout and relaxation areas – Feature walls are also a great way to create different zones and highlight important areas, so entice your workers away from their desks for some well-deserved R & R with bold graphical designs in vibrant colours.

3.Conceal storage and disguise unsightly areas such as riser doors – Make a design feature out of your office’s least attractive area – the storage.  You’d never guess that the electrics are housed behind these doors.


4. Create different moods – Research suggests that colour has an impact on our feelings.  Red and purple are said to increase energy and creativity levels while pale blues have a calming effect.  Apparently yellows and greens make workers more cheerful

You could even tap into the health benefits and mood enhancing effects of biophilia by bringing the outside in with natural images on cupboards and walls.

5. Reinforce corporate branding – Create a feature wall that represents your company’s ethos and history.  This branding can be explicit, using logos, slogans and straplines, or more subtle, using colours and images that relate to your industry or global reach.  For example, for an oil trader client, we used an image of a tanker in industrial colours.

It is essential that the image is the correct aspect ratio, quality and dpi so it can fit a large space without morphing or pixellating.   At CBS Office Interiors we have been designing amazing feature walls for years so our designers can advise you on the technical aspects of the process.

Versatile, colourful and unique to you – the only limit is your imagination.  Contact Natalie for more information on how you can personalise your office with a fantastic feature wall.


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