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Boehringer Ingelheim Servery Project

  • Boehringer UK Servery design by CBS
  • Office refurbishment for Boehringer UK
  • Boehringer UK Servery design
  • Kitchen refurbishment for Boehringer UK
  • Boehringer Servery UK by CBS
  • Servery design by CBS
Size1,054 sq ft / 98m²
Duration6 weeks

We wanted to create a space that had a more ‘café’ culture’ feel, taking influences from French patisseries.  We achieved this by blending rustic timbers with crisp white finishes, all complimented by a strong accent colour.  We created features throughout the space using fruit crates for displays, pendant lighting to soften the salad island counter, which was influenced by a farmhouse table.

We commissioned an artist to bring the space to life with graphics, which included the company timeline infographic, which can be updated for future milestones.   

During the initial phase of the project, we undertook extensive research into how the current servery was working and where there was room for improvement. This then helped us to redesign the space, and improve the flow and movement of people through the area.  Throughout this phase, we worked closely with the in-house catering team, to ensure that the technical aspects of the project were developed in a way that meant the new installation met their requirements.

Alongside the servery refurbishment, we also replaced the main kitchen flooring with a new resin floor.  This part of the project involved the complete decommission of the kitchen equipment, along with a full deep clean, replacing the lighting and ceiling, and the recommission of the equipment in time for the new servery launch date.