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Boehringer Ingelheim Project

  • Office furniture for Boehringer
  • Office design for Boehringer
  • Office refurbishment for Boehringer UK
  • Office furniture for Boehringer UK
  • Office refurbishment for Boehringer
  • Office furniture for Boehringer UK
Size58,500 sq ft / 5,439m²
Duration18 months

We recently undertook a project to completely refurbish Boehringer Ingelheim’s UK headquarters.

While the building was being refurbished, staff had to be moved to an alternative location. So, prior to the project commencing, we fitted out a large, redundant store in order to provide the necessary decant space for employees to move into.

This space was transformed from a store into a fully functioning office with new furniture, flooring, lighting & power & decoration, we  also installed a new heating system and external windows, so as to create as comfortable a space as possible.

The main building is comprised of three wings, with three floors on each wing. We undertook the project one floor at a time, and one wing at a time, providing them with full project management.  Move management was also provided, relocating the staff out to the decant space, and then back into the workplace once the project was complete.

Each floor was completely stripped out to the core and then refitted with new HVAC, suspended ceilings, lighting, fire detection, partitions, electrical and data network cabling, flooring and redecorated throughout.

Each floor was fitted with a combination of open plan space and cellular offices, along with a variety of meeting and focus rooms.  The focus and meeting rooms follow a similar design throughout the building, while each wing was defined with a different décor and colour scheme, for wayfinding and identity.

While working with Boehringer Ingelheim, we provided complete project management, including move management.