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Bucks and Berks Project

bucks and berks logo
  • bucks and berks interior design by CBS
  • bucks and berks wallpaper design
  • bucks and berks kitchen break area
  • bucks and berks meeting rooms
  • bucks and berks office space design
  • bucks and berks meeting room design by CBS
Size4,068 sq ft / 377.9m²
Duration6 weeks

Bucks & Berks recruitment wanted to combine 3 of their branch offices into one central location.

We created candidate rooms with less confrontation feel. We deliberately chose soft furnishings and side tables rather than a traditional meeting set up. The walls were treated with acoustic felt and wall lamps fitted.

Adjacent to reception we designed a soft meeting area to create a border between the front and back of house. A graphic wall covering was designed as a back drop to the reception focusing on branding and locations where they operate. This design was continued throughout the office on the glazing to bring both front and back of house together. For the staff we created a large breakout area with a domestic feel and new kitchen