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Juice Plus+ Project

  • Juice Plus kitchen area
  • Juice Plus new office design
  • Juice Plus office area by CBS
  • Juice Plus bar stools and tables
  • Juice Plus work area by CBS
  • Juice Plus workspace design by CBS
Size2,691 sq ft / 250m²
Duration6 weeks

Following rapid expansion in the UK, Juice plus decided to relocation their UK headquarters to central Maidenhead, deliberately choosing a ground floor office space with large windows to make their presence in the town known. They wanted to create a space that represented their bright and creative branding and attract the best in local talent.

Using their branding with feature flooring and textured fabrics, their office glows from the inside and has become a recognisable landmark in the town. We worked closely with an artist to create a bespoke mural that wrapped around their entire workplace, playing with fruit icons and geometric patterns to create a dynamic backdrop. Playful touches such as the desk light shades and hot pink picnic bench bring the scheme together and the ‘wall of fame’ is constantly updated to ensure the community feel is not lost with constant company growth.

This office has now created a brand guideline with offices across the world using the same look and feel when refurbishing their offices.