My Site Visit To Boehringer Ingelheim

In this post Natalie Flindall, our Business Development executive, shares how our major project for Boehringer Ingelheim is progressing.

Back in March I visited our client the major pharmaceutical manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim in Bracknell to see how our major refurbishment programme was getting on. This £3m programme of works encompasses complete refurbishment of their Bracknell headquarters including full HVAC replacement and is taking place over 18 months, by far the longest and most multifaceted project CBS had undertaken.

We have a long-standing relationship with Boehringer Ingelheim so many of our team have worked with their senior management before. Lawrence Deeks, our project manager, has coordinated this complex project alongside Tom Ryan, Head of General Services for Boehringer Ingelheim.

My role in Business Development at CBS means that generally I don’t get to visit sites until they’re almost complete, when I might be involved in assisting with the finishing touches such as when Charlie and I installed the BuzziPatch Rug, or to work with professional photographers getting the shots that showcase our finished designs. So it was a new experience for me to see what I knew about on paper actually taking shape before my eyes.

With only a few months left before completion I thought it would provide an interesting insight to share progress so far.

The Respiratory System Of The Building

As soon as I arrived on site, Lawrence Deeks, our project manager, had me don a hi-vis jacket, safety helmet, protective boots and took me to see the air conditioning units that have been installed as a part of the HVAC refit. Luckily I have a head for heights, as the building is thee floors high, but does provide a stunning view on a clear day of Bracknell’s Southern Industrial Estate. A new HVAC system will result in energy efficiency improvements for Boehringer Ingelheim, reducing their total energy use and lowering their carbon footprint. The enormous air conditioning units seen in the photos below are gradually being phased in as each wing of the building is completed.

Behind the Scenes

Much of the work being completed during my visit goes unseen by those who use the building once it’s been handed over. As well as the full HVAC replacement, this project has involved reviewing the use of power throughout the building for lighting and electrical equipment, as well as the technological requirements of the company such as the IT infrastructure, connectivity and network access.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

While a complete refurbishment does involve replacing a large amount of the existing office infrastructure, resulting in long-term benefits to the business, I was pleasantly surprised at how much material gets reused. Some partitions, for example, are from the original layout but as they’re still perfectly serviceable they will be reused to reduce cost and prevent items going into landfill.

Similarly, although the revamped Restaurant area has some new furniture, the existing furniture has been moved to the redesigned informal Café area.  As this new layout is more inviting it is already a popular area of the building, giving the older furniture a new lease of life.

The Final Stretch

The project is now more than three quarters finished and due for completion in Summer 2016. It has been a mammoth undertaking with many variables to coordinate. However, Lawrence is very much a safe pair of hands. Having worked for CBS for 19 years he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to large projects like this. Juggling contractors, deliveries, health and safety considerations and all the other factors that go into a project, big or small, is what makes him tick.

“I’ve enjoyed working on this project for the past 16 months and have known the company for over 10 years. Everything has run very smoothly indeed like a well-oiled machine!” Lawrence Deeks, Project Manager, CBS Office Interiors.

– Natalie Flindall

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