Spooky Offices: Halloween Ideas For Your Workplace


Having fun at work shouldn’t be seen as unprofessional or unproductive; we certainly find it increases job satisfaction in our office, and therefore productivity. However, ‘managerially-imposed fun’ does not always go down so well, for example by insisting that employees participate in games or activities. This is especially true if there is no culture of fun in your workplace, any new initiatives may be seen as out of character and viewed with suspicion.

This is why I think the opportunity to decorate the office for seasonal events like Halloween, is not to be missed. Creating a focus that lightens the mood in the workplace and lays the foundations for injecting some real fun into our working lives. The great thing about decorating your office is that not everyone has to sign up wholeheartedly, but everyone stands to gain from a temporary change of scene.

Halloween Office Decorations

Here are some ideas for making your office a spooky and fun environment for just a few days each year:

Reception Areas:

A full out scary Halloween experience might not be appropriate in your office, especially is you have customers or suppliers visiting you. A slightly more restrained effect, with a bit of style, is what is needed. Simple additions such as black and orange cushions on your sofas in the reception area can start to create a Halloween atmosphere. Or artfully applied silhouette cutouts of pumpkins, witches’ cats and ghosts can be used to decorate windows or reception desks.

Of course Halloween is not complete without a spot of Trick or Treating, and what better place to leave a bowl of frightful sweets than in your reception area?

Meeting Rooms:

Mini pumpkins can be used to continue your Halloween theme into other client office areas. These look great lined up in a row on a window ledge, or down the centre of a boardroom table, and there’s no need to carve or decorate them. With their autumnal colours they look really effective as a seasonal office decoration without the Halloween connotations. Orange and black baubles can be strung along walls, or clustered together in bowls to create another subtle Halloween decoration in meeting rooms. If you want to make them look a little spookier, use some fake cobweb spray to finish them off.

 Staff Rooms:

Many businesses may have to keep decorations to a minimum in public areas, but you can get really creative in the staff room! Remember that not everyone enjoys being scared, and those ghoulish electronic decorations soon wear thin when set off repeatedly! Instead think about ways you can enhance your existing space such as decorating doors with spooky faces, or hanging a large spider web across the ceiling. Pumpkin shaped fairy lights can light up corners, and paper bats could decorate walls. There are lots of innovative wall decals you can also use to make an instant difference to your office spaces.

A few jokes can add to the fun, such as a fake spider in a drawer or a ghost lying in wait under the photocopier lid, but don’t push it too far and make sure there are no arachnophobes in your office!

Work Stations:

Cubicles and desks are one place everyone can get involved. Why not hold a desk decorating competition to encourage participation? You could combine this with Halloween themed activities such as pumpkin decorating, games and spooky snacks on Friday 30th October. This may sound like an excuse for a party (it is!) there are some real benefits for creating a fun focus in your workplace. Activities like these can improve staff morale, build stronger professional relationships between members of staff, and increase communication between departments and levels of seniority.

We’ll be having a spooky time this week at CBS Office Interiors but we would love to hear what you’re up to. Share your photos and ideas on our Facebook page. Have fun!

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