The changing face of Bracknell

As a business located close to Bracknell, we have welcomed the planned regeneration of Bracknell town centre and look forward to watching the transformation take place.  These changes are long awaited and welcomed by residents and local businesses alike.

The history of the area goes back to the Bronze Age but the town of Bracknell itself was built as a post war New Town, to help alleviate the housing shortage in London, after many houses and factories had been bombed during World War 2.

Over the years it has grown and spread out but has been somewhat neglected.  Other local towns have seen much investment and so attracted many shoppers and businesses out of Bracknell.  However, Bracknell finally appears to be stepping into the 21st Century.  Demolition is well underway and great emphasis has been placed on keeping disruption to a minimal with road and sidewalks accessible and where necessary some businesses have already been relocated.  There are plans for new housing, shops, business units and roads.  Together with a new 12 screen cinema and a wide choice of restaurants and eateries, hopefully Bracknell’s new look will draw people back and help boost local economy.

We wish Bracknell Forest Council and Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, together with Schroders and Legal & General all the best and long may Bracknell meet the needs of our ever changing society.

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