The new CBS: With you every step of the way

Nowadays an adult will spend most of their working hours in the workplace, and that’s why it’s more important to us than ever before that we create and design awesome spaces for people to thrive in. The ‘Sunday night dread’ that many people feel before heading back into the office on a Monday morning can be one of the biggest reasons for leaving a workplace behind and starting somewhere new, so it’s our mission to break down that barrier, and to make sure people are happy at work and can achieve remarkable things.

Here at CBS, we used to be very much focused around ‘the right relationship’ and this was key to our business and how we approached our projects. However, we came to realise that our work was focusing more and more on how people work and interact within their workplace, and the impact that our designs could have. With each new redesign we were doing, we became more enthused and excited each time to see the reaction of our clients once they’d relocated to a new workspace, and ultimately, we took inspiration from how this changed their attitude to work.

Far too often, designs are focused solely on business requirements and the end result will take into consideration factors such as the number of meeting rooms or offices needed. But does this actually do anything to make people happier at work? We don’t think so.

That’s why we want to focus our designs on the people themselves, because the people are what make a business. By making sure we put the people first, we can help organisations to instil culture changes which are also reflected through our designs. We believe that if the workspace is amazing, the culture of the company itself can be too; an engaging and inspiring workplace doesn’t just look good, but it also makes it easier for people to undertake their work. Because happier people are more productive people.

On top of making staff happy, an incredible workspace is a fantastic way of finding new people for your company – after we fit out Juice Plus’ new workspace, they found themselves with people walking in off the streets with their CV because they wanted to work in such a cool and engaging environment!

In addition to launching our new website, we’re also reimagining CBS and what we want to do and be as an organisation. As we move the company forward, we’re making it our aim to focus our entire process around the people and their needs within their workspace. And this is something we’re doing right from the get go; we’ll focus our initial brief-taking exercise around the people, challenging existing cultures and working practices. We like to see if we can find more effective and efficient ways for people to work, and whether there are practices we can remove completely from the working environment. Once we’ve really got to the heart of a business, we can reflect this back in our designs and proposals, so we know that we’re really getting it right.

We’re about so much more than just building offices and installing new furniture; we’re reimagining workspaces and creating inspiring environments where people will be happy and love to work. Join us on our journey, and see our new site for yourself; it’s just the beginning of very exciting times to come…

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