To tweet or not to tweet?

You have to be there, it’s easy, they say.  But is it?  Being relatively new to world of social media, I still find the whole posting and tweeting thing quite daunting.  I can certainly understand the benefits of social media and see the importance of interaction between people, whether it be socially or for information creation and sharing, but how do know what to say, when to say it and to whom?

Technology is moving so quickly, it is sometimes hard to keep up.  Mobile phones, for example were only launched in 1973 but it is estimated that by 2014 there will be more than 7.3 billion active mobile phones in the world.  In other words, there will be more mobile phones than people.  Of course there are still a large number of people who don’t and probably never will, own one, but there is also an increasing number of multiple device owners.

We seem to be plugged in all the time and social media depends entirely on mobile and web-based technologies.  More than 55% of all social activity occurs on a mobile device and it is how we consume this online content that has changed the way we behave from shopping to looking at photos, running a business to even checking the weather! You only have to walk down the street or sit in a restaurant and all around you people are on their devices.

I am all in favour of using the various social media channels for business and in doing so keeping yourself and others up to date on relevant information, but in my world, there will always be room for a good, perhaps old-fashioned, face-to-face meeting.

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