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We like to have an initial discussion with you to see how we can work together on a forthcoming project and to introduce you to the CBS team.  We scope out your top level requirements in this session and get to know one another.

The brief taking exercise is our favourite way to really understand you. This is where we explore the needs of your business and the people that are important to you. We use this briefing session to find out about your culture and working practices and start to challenge the norm, thinking about what you do, how you work and why you choose to do things in a certain way. It’s crucial for us to understand your people and processes because everything we design is around the needs of your people, transforming their working environment and inspiring them to be happy and do more.

During this analysis phase we can gather information on how your current workspace is being used by surveying and interviewing your employees and other key people.  We can find out about current working patterns, how your employees perceive their office environment, and how they would like to see themselves working in the future. We can also spend some time observing your office space for a set period of time to measure how often you use the desks, meeting rooms and breakout areas. We can then start to re-imagine your workspace, exploring what will work best for you and your business, suggesting the best approach to create a dynamic space that encourages creativity and productivity.

Have you identified the right property for your workspace? Engaged from the beginning, we can survey new office buildings and provide you with considered advice on the best property for you and your people. We undertake test fit block planning to evaluate the optimum size of office space that is needed. Using space efficient furniture means you can reduce the property size, while still creating an exceptional workspace that people want to come to.

We can undertake a full review of your existing furniture to see how we can maximise your office space. We can also conduct a storage audit to show you how to significantly free-up valuable space and instantly uplift the working environment.


Space planning helps us transform your office into a spacious and inspiring workplace that promotes collaboration and creativity. Based on the results of our brief taking exercise and workplace analysis, we present our initial ideas on how we imagine your workspace to be ready for your evaluation and adaptation.

These ideas are then turned into a fully designed concept and presented back, giving you a sneak peak into what your future workplace could look like. At this stage we will also present you with high level cost estimates.

Having been appointed to work and collaborate with you, we create final, detailed and inspirational designs for your new workspace. These are based on an agreed layout and framework for specifying furniture and finishes. Further surveys and interviews are undertaken with you at this stage to ensure we have the level of detail needed to create the best workspace first time.

Once we have finalised the design of your transformed workspace, we provide you with a final cost and a budget framework to work towards. This provides you with further reassurance, and gives structure to the office design and build project.

This is the exciting stage where we present to you a selection of final finishes and mood boards for your approval ahead of the workplace design and build project starting.

Together we agree final sign-off and a form of contract for design and pricing. We then move ahead with transforming your office into a workspace where people flourish!


We create a detailed programme of works for your office transformation project and share this with you from the very start.

We’ve got you covered by ensuring all local authority and landlord checks and consents are in place ahead of any works starting.

This is when the actual build of your new workspace commences! We like to meet with you weekly to update you on exciting progress and reassure you that everything is on track. We can also produce a photo or video diary of the construction to share with you to keep your employees and key people involved in the business updated every step of the way.

We really do strive to keep costs controlled and within the agreed budget. Additions or variations to an office design and build project do often occur, but we always try to minimise these as much as possible, and any extra works will only be undertaken with prior consent from you.

Usually the last element of the project to be delivered, our dedicated team will install your furniture just in time for you to relocate and occupy your newly transformed office. 

We always strive to deliver our exceptional workplace design and build projects on time, within budget and without disruption to you, while being conscious of the needs of your business and your people throughout the whole process.


This is the single most exciting part of the project when you finally see your finished workspace, fitted and furnished exactly how it was imagined during the design phase and ready to be enjoyed by the people that mean the most to your business.

Seeing the reaction of your employees to their new environment and then experiencing a happy workforce is priceless. We designed everything around the needs of them – and our aim is to have exceeded their expectations.

Research shows happy people are more productive workers. Your new offices environment will not only create a positive work vibe, its layout and design will encourage people collaborate, come up with new ideas and do more remarkable things.

Happy staff are also people that will want to stay. Most of their waking hours are spent at work, so the office space they occupy should be an inspiring place they feel good about and want to come to every day.  A wonderful workspace certainly makes it easier to recruit – our client, Juice Plus had people walking in off the street with their CVs wanting to work in their cool new office! Read the Juice Plus case study.

As a result of the brief taking exercise and workplace analysis, your new workspace offers new culture and working practices that will assist with improving the efficiency and productivity of your business and be another refreshing change for your people.

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